Training Materials

It’s Easy to Switch to HemaPrompt FG

Are you thinking about making the switch to HemaPrompt FG, but are concerned about the hassle involved in changing to a new test? Well, Aerscher Diagnostics makes it EASY to switch!

Contact us to have any of these training materials sent to you.

Correlation Guide:

Do you need some guidance performing a correlation study to compare your current occult blood testing methods to HemaPrompt FG? We can help simplify the comparison process by providing an editable correlation guide and log sheet for documenting results.

Training Materials:

We can provide the materials needed to train your staff to use HemaPrompt FG. These training materials were created by a medical technologist familiar with the laboratory and point of care testing.

We Provide:

  • Standard lab NCCLs format procedure
  • Easy to Use, Step-by-Step, Instruction Guides

Use Now: Instruction Guides for staff training sessions
Use Later: Post Instruction Guides in testing locations for future reference

  • A Skills Checklist for staff training documentation
  • PowerPoint Training Program with Competency Test

30-slide presentation with competency test & answers – allows immediate feedback on competency test and makes it easy to review correct answers with trainees!

  • Instructional Video

Shows the test procedure & technique in motion from start to finish!

These materials can be requested:

  • Correlation guide
  • Correlation log sheet
  • Procedures (HemaPromptTM)
  • Skills Checklists (HemaPromptTM FG)
  • Instruction Guides
  • PowerPoint Training
  • Procedures (HemaPromptTM FG)
  • Skills Checklists (HemaPromptTM FG)

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