Instructions for using HemaPrompt FG and HemaPrompt

HemaPrompt and HemaPrompt FG Instructions

  1. Open the card so both specimen windows are visible.
  2. Apply a thin smear of specimen to each window. Do not cover entire window – leave an outer periphery for contrast. Close card & turn over.
  3. Hold test card/slide with thumb and index finger at “grip” indicator (on left side of test card/slide).
    1. Place extended middle and ring fingers behind test card/slide for extra support at the back or keep the card/slide flat on the table while pulling the silver tab
  4. Pull silver tab SLOWLY all the way to the right and completely remove. Developer pad will “flip over” as tab is pulled and remain attached to foil as foil is removed from test card/slide.
  5. Interpret patient results after 60 seconds.
    • Positive = Any shade of blue
    • Negative = No blue
  6. Internal Controls:
    • Positive Control: Control monitor turning blue.
    • Negative Control: White background behind blue control.
    • Note: Controls must appear for valid results.